A Pilgrim's Progress


I was born in Siegen in 1966 into a working-class family. Growing up in post-war Germany during the Cold War was not conducive to making me a loyal and obedient citizen. The nice grandpa next door could have been a Nazi, the tanks of our Belgian allies patrolled the streets, in the gray skies above our small town fighter pilots were preparing for World War III and caused us children great excitement with their sonic booms.

My father, a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist, told me that our capitalist consumer civilization was about to destroy our planet, and the media even then incessantly peddled their messages of impending doom and economic collapse. Not that I consciously thought about all this. Like most kids, of course I wouldn't let a mere End Of The World stop me from enjoying my perfect childhood, but somehow I started to develop a healthy skepticism concerning the sanity of society and this dampened my enthusiasm to follow the beaten path.

I spent my younger years as a budding bohemian in Munich, Berlin and London with brief sojourns at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Guildhall University, holding down odd jobs, mainly as a nurse, letter carrier and parcel delivery man, until I finally came to my senses, got married, opened a language school in Japan, became a shakuhachi master and halfway decent citizen.

Sure, it can be quite a challenge to make your own way as a stranger in a strange land. You need the mentality of a hunter-gatherer rather than the love of security of a decent employee, but in recent years I have come to appreciate not being in a wage-dependent employment relationship and to be my own boss.

A couple of years ago I felt I had reached the limits of what my language school can do for me wealth-wise and started to pursue additional alleys of income: Selling Ukiyo-e online, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, baking takoyaki...can't say I've made it into the ranks of the super-rich yet, but I found invaluable inspiration and support in the Six Figure Mentors' online communities like 'mentors' or 'Launch You' and a whole new world of opportunities opened up to me. Nothing is more thrilling than stepping out into the dark in pursuit of a worthy goal!

If you too feel that in these days of disappearing certainties The Path Less Travelled is becoming more and more attractive, and that it is time to take your economic destiny into your own hands, then perhaps we are on the same page.